Last October I was in Genoa for some experimental shooting with Simone Barraco, taking advantages of a short period of time while he wasn’t abroad for some BMX tour.
I didn’t even want to shoot anything “traditional”, but we ended up shooting a downside whip near the harbor and a couple of tuck no hand on a memorial for Garibaldi campaign: I wanted to shoot the trick from behind, taking advantages of the sunset, while Simone wanted me to shoot more frontal, as it was better for the trick itself.
It doesn’t happen that often, but all the three shots were published: the whip was used for Subrosa adv and catalogue, the tuck from behind was published as a double spread on Ride USA, and the tuck from the front is now used as the cover for 47mag.
Not bad for a test shooting!

Simone Barraco tuck no hand Simone Barraco downside whip