How’s this for a shedload of excitement? Two planes fly straight through a standing structure, mere feet apart. Leader Paul Bonhomme and Wingman Steve Jones have been flying together for 17 years, and needed every ounce of that experience to pull off this amazing feat of aviation: Red Bull Barnstorming.

The Red Bull Matadors pilots and Air Race aces hurtled straight through a hangar at Llanbedr Airfield, north Wales, at a speed of 160 knots (300kmh), just one meter off the ground. On a photographic point of view, the biggest challenge was I couldn’t stay anywhere near the hangar, so I had to trigger the cameras remotely.

You can also watch Red Bull Barnstorming video report here, and  see the action from every angle imaginable: click here for an incredible, onboard 360-degree view of the fly-through, and an amazing interactive gif.