Raising the bar. Always.

That’s what I did, in team with creative agency Zampediverse, for the launch of the new Specialissima by Bianchi, the leading bike manufacturer. Our vision took us to the breathtaking Dolomiti, where the dramatic landscapes and majestic peaks served as the perfect backdrop for this groundbreaking release.
Picture this: the morning sun casting a golden glow on the towering Sassolungo peaks, the crisp mountain air filled with anticipation, and the Specialissima glistening in the soft, early light. The shoot in the Dolomiti was a dream come true, capturing the essence of Bianchi’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and timeless beauty.
But we didn’t stop there. We pushed the limits further. The new Specialissima is not just a work of art; it’s a performance powerhouse. It’s so exceptional that it’s already making waves in the competitive world of cycling. The bike is currently competing in the Autumn Classiche of UCI road cycling, a true testament to its prowess on the road.

Raising the bar. Always. Because in the world of cycling, as in life, excellence knows no bounds.