Lately I wasn’t massively on the road with my pals Simone Barraco and Stefan Lantschner, but still I got the chance to shoot their latest actions.
During the summer I was at Stefan hometown Bozen to check for a new spot, some kind of tree ride where Simone busted any kind of trick, from condors to flairs to tobbogas. It was the tobboga that was chosen by US magazine Transworld Ride BMX for its content page on 177 issue.

In the following days I followed Stefan and Simone for a shooting for Baco Magazine, and one of Simone’s pics (another tobboga, but 180 this time) was used by his bike sponsor Shadow Conspiracy for international advertising.
Meanwhile I was collecting Stefan images for an interview on RideUK that was published on December issue. It’s a ten pages article packed with senseless riding. One of the trick (the curved wall over a wide gap) was so dangerous I had to wear an helmet just to take the photo! You can see the action (and me with the helmet in the corner) at latest trick of this video.

shadow_RideUK159 RBX1111_006.pdf lantschner_rideUK