Crankers is a new italian magazine focused on bikes and bicycle lifestyle. Edited by the same guys behind Crackers Magazine, you would expect many product reviews, talks about clothing and streetstyle totalooks; but  flipping through its pages, you will also find a lot of articles about bike polo, fixed maniacs and old timers bike repairshops. Or some BMX action and pictures of climbs and climbers.
And here’s where I make my entrance, with photos of Giro d’Italia pro cyclists and snapshops of the most famous routes in the Alps, as I climbed myself. The BMX article features pics of Simone Barraco and Stefan Lantschner I shot during a short stay in Bozen. I’m publishing here just a few spreads… Go out and search your own copy of Crankers!

Crankers cover 01 Crankers - Climbers Crankers - Stelvio Crankers - Barraco condor Crankers - Lantschner drop in