A Formula One car versus eight rugby players – doesn’t sound like a very fair fight, does it? A 750 brake horsepower, state-of-the-art speed machine that can hit well over 200mph versus eight humanoids made of nothing more advanced than skin, muscle and bone.

Yet that’s exactly the gauntlet that the Red Bull Racing F1 team threw down for Bath Rugby club when they challenged them to take on their 2012 Formula One World Championship-winning RB8 car in a straight scrum down.

Using a specially-altered scrum machine to achieve this world first, the RB8 would push against Bath Rugby’s first string pack, with battle set to commence in the grounds of the team’s beautiful Farleigh House training facility.
Not wanting to pull any punches, Red Bull Racing even brought down three-time F1 race winner Daniel Ricciardo to handle the driving.