Hell’s Gate at Il Ciocco, Lucca, is one of the hardest enduro competitions in the world, comparable to Herberg Hare Scramble: about 100 riders took part of 2012 race, but only for made it to the finish line. And it is not just the ten hours of riding in the woods, but some of the climbs are so steep it is simple impossible to get to the top without the help of fans and spectators.
Graham Jarvis is the winner of 2012 edition, being the first one to climb the Hell’s Peak, the impossible ascent that marks the final part of the race.

Hells Gate - Action

Taking pictures of the race was a hell itself, climbing uphill with a heavy backpack full of equipment and flashes. At least the spectators were always ready to share a beer! You can see more photos here.

Javis Graham - Action