Last winter I travelled for more then 2.000 km along the dirty roads of Morocco with european Reef surf team: Arthur Bourbon and Vincent Duvignac from France, british Harry Timson, italian Roberto D’Amico and the super funny spanish Mario Azurza. With us there was also the local Saad Abid, our guide always ready for some zeny antic.

The travel itself was fashinating: we drove our Jeep Renegades from Casablanca south to the desert, sleeping in tends on the waterfront, under bright skies full of stars; at the morning we were ready to surf some of the most famous moroccan spots, as some secret gem.

You can find reports of the trip on several european magazine: Carve in UK, Surf Sessions in France, 3sesenta in Spain and The Pill in Italy, and online on 47mag.
Thanks again to Nikon for supporting me during this trip and in several other occasions.