Bianchi recently announced  a new partnership with former racing driver and eco-entrepreneur Nico Rosberg

Since his retirement, the 2016 Formula One World Champion has turned his attention to protecting the planet and moving towards a more sustainable future. With this new partnership with the visionary Italian brand, he makes the Bianchi E-Omnia his bike of choice in his pursuit of a better world.

During his career as a professional driver, Rosberg dealt with new innovations and future-looking technologies on a daily basis. His love of engineering and innovation have continued to be a driving force since he climbed out of the driver’s seat, and his focus has been on e-mobility, from Formula E to all-electric SUV off-road racing, and now e-bikes.

Rosberg not only shares Bianchi’s passion for innovation and green technologies, but also their mission to change the way society thinks about getting around.