For Fiat, I spent some time in the Italian island of Pantelleria, for a photo reportage highlighting the impressive number of Panda car.

I met fourteen Pantelleria residents who, despite their different professions and backgrounds (a spiritual guide, a beekeeper, a farmer, a mechanic, a priest, a musician, and more), they all have in common their love for the iconic city car. I travelled all around the island, spotting all three generations of Fiat Panda, as Pantelleria might have more Pandas than people, and for sure the highest density of Panda in the world.


  • Client: Stellantis
  • Creative Direction: Leo Burnett
  • Production Company: Twister Film
  • Executive Creative Director: Francesco Martini
  • former Executive Creative Director: Alessandro Antonini
  • Creative Director: Giuseppe Campisi
  • former Creative Director: Valerio Le Moli
  • Creative Supervisor: Marcello Gaio Bondioli
  • Client Service Director: Paolo Griotto
  • Account Supervisor: Valentina Bolognino
  • Account Manager: Silvia Di Bucchianico
  • Executive Producer – Twister Film: Giovanni Amico
  • Producer – Twister Film: Fina Gomez De La Torre
  • Line Producer – Twister Film: Viola Ranalletta
  • Make up Artist: Olga Suraverina