On this website, you will find a previous post about Red Bull Speed Day activities at the Bologna Motor Show, with some shots of Formula 1 show runs. But during RBSD there was lot more  happening on the tarmac, like Chris Pfeiffer and Grinya amazing stunts under a snowfall, Carlos Saintz Jr and Miguel Molina behind the steering wheel of Nascar and Audi R8 cars, and nine time WRC world champion Sebastien Loeb trying to catch David Coulthard and Daniel Ricciardo‘s Formula Ones.

Alexandr Grinchuk, Chris Pfeiffer - Motor Show Ricciardo, Loeb, Coulthard - Motor Show
And there was even more action going on: Red Bull Speed Day hosted the 20 world finalist of the Kart Fight, an international kart event for non professional drivers. After two days of hard racing, 13-year-old Shinji Sawada from Japan took the title in front of the packed grandstands at the Bologna Motor Show. I got the Content Pool front page cover with the picture of Shinji celebrating on the podium!

Kart Fight Motor Show Content Pool Cover - Shinji Sawada