My job allows me to work with some of the best athletes in the world, sportsmen and women of very different disciplines. With them, I share endless road and flight trips, getting the opportunity to know them well: some of them became my best friends, and my role now is not only to document their action, but also to talk with them before a competition or to galvanize them for a stunt. I witnessed triumph and defeat, and I hope I succeeded in transmitting the emotions involved on camera.
All the athletes I met are 100% committed in what they are doing, focused on success and career, driving their passion with intelligence and ambition.

I am thankful to Red Bull for giving me the opportunity once again to work with they athletes, this time shooting portraits of 30ish athletes of the UK team: from bike trial legend Danny Macaskill to wakeboarding promise Joe Battleday, snowboarder Billy Morgan and WRC driver Elfyn Evans, without forgetting the Atherton brothers!

Please have a look to the whole shoot on Red Bull Content Pool.